With a creative and artistic approach for everyday situations, I aim to leave a lasting impression with my photography. Whether you’re looking for a professional business portraiture or for me to capture your story, let’s keep it natural and authentic but most importantly let’s have a fantastic time together while shooting great images.

Meet Morena.

Portraits are one of my favourite styles of photography due to their intimacy and because they can be a window into someone's soul. Morena is an honest voice of strength and vulnerability on social media. It's been an absolute pleasure to have her in front of my camera.

photo session in autumn of a young woman. earthy colors
photo shoot with morena diaz in autum in zurich switzerland
fun photo shoot during autumn in zurich with morena diaz

Let's Talk Business

You've got your own company or brand and want to take it to the next level? Attract your clients with personalized photos designed for your website and social media. My images will showcase your brand and personality perfectly. You can also hire me to capture events with my camera.

Meet Pam.

She's a top notch hairdresser from Zurich. All the photos on her website were taken by me.

photo shoot business portraiture with hairdresser in zurich
scissors cutting hair business portraiture
tatted woman hairdresser business portraiture
business portraiture tattooed hairdresser in zurich switzerland

Meet Boumbelle.

If you're looking for a super delicious wedding cake that also looks absolutely beautiful - she's your girl!

Cate Brodersen Photography Cupcakes for Boumbelle
Cate Brodersen Photography Red velvet cupcakes from Boumbelle product photography
Cate Brodersen Photography Cupcakes by Boumbelle product photography
Cate Brodersen Photography lemon poppy cupcakes by Boumbelle product photography

Meet Rosa.

She's an advocate for self-love and trust after pregnancy loss. With her guide Rosa is supporting women on their healing journey. I've shot all the photos for her book including the cover as well as her website, social media and e-book.

photography for a book portrait of author
rosa koppelmann portrait vertrauen nach fehlgeburt
flowers photo in color



“Mein Portrait-Shooting mit Cate war fantastisch: Ich hatte das Gefühl ich gucke die ganze Zeit gleich, aber Cate hat es geschafft, hundert unterschiedlicher wunderschöner Fotos zu schießen, die jedes für sich andere Gefühle transportieren. Das war wirklich faszinierend! Neben den tollen Portraits freue ich mich über die Stilleben und Blumen-Fotos von Cate, die ich für meinen Social Media Kanal und meine Bücher verwende. Jedes einzelne Bild kommuniziert Ruhe und Schönheit auf ganz unterschiedliche Weise.”